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Wood Puzzle

Classic Puzzle Game, how many tiles could you place? September 15, 2021

First working version coded in 2 days, for sure a proof of the power of AOZ Studio!
Now with better Mouse-Handling and optional Music.
Your task: place as many pieces as possible on the board. Completely filled rows and columns disappear and give you points.



My first steps in AOZ Studio, June 3, 2021

A small proof of concept and a challenge to myself. I am not a designer and can safely say of myself that I have no artistic talent.
Accordingly, there are minimal graphics and minimal sound - I'm more attracted to the technical challenge.
Goal of the game: Prevent the enemies from coming from their base (red square) to your base (green square)! To do this, you can build towers via the menu on the right least as long as you have enough energy for building. At the bottom right you can start a new attack wave of the enemies, with each wave the enemy gets stronger. But don't worry, you can upgrade your towers!