❤️ I love chiptunes! ❤️
Therefore, at first:
Click here and you will be able to listen to some of my favourite modules in new browser-tab!
Let it run in the background, listen to the sounds and return here to learn something about it!
If you want to explore the nearly infinite widths of home-made module-music just visit on of these sites:
But whats the fuzz all about?
In short, modules are a clever way to store music in an efficient manner. As a comparison: An old Amiga had 1MB of RAM back then (only half of it would have been usable for the music data), something like a standard mp3 file today can be 4-8 MB in size. So it wouldn't fit into the memory at all...of course an Amiga of that time would be much too slow to decode mp3 anyway - but that's a whole other topic :)

As always, Wikipedia knows a lot more about this topic, of course.


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